Upcycled Urbanism on Granville Street

Brought out the 85mm for an upclose and personal look at Upcycled Urbanism on Granville Street.

What is Upcycled anyways? It was the museum of Vancouver's biggest event this summer, culminating with a street exhibition on July 13th this year. Recycled styrofoam blocks, designed by local students, were used as building materials to make Granville a very monochromatic Minecraft landscape for a day. You can read all about it on the Museum of Vancouver's site or take a look at twitter #upcycledurbanism.

The lighting wasn't the greatest, so I used a combination of shooting in the shade and filling with my flash. My 5 year old camera still blows me away at the amount of detail I can get out of the sensor.

Getting up and close with the 85mm

Loving the new 85mm I recently bought. Great to throw the background completely blurry and capture only the person I am shooting.

All shot around 8ish pm. The sun was just setting on a lovely day. Usually around 5 or 6 feet away from the subject.

Welcome to the Tea Party - Shoot at the Dragonboat Festival

On the weekend I was hired by my good by buddy Adrian (@whoa_adrian) to shoot the Tea Room he put on for the Dragonboat Festival held in Olympic Villages today. Despite going on about 2 hours of sleep, I managed to get some great shots.

Most of the shots were au natural, although I did use my umbrella and flash to fill in some light. The overcast day shining through the window gave the great gentle light you see here.

Adrian pouring tea in this special way.

Quick headshots on Granville Island

Got out with my friend Frank (who is an actor) to get some practice shooting headshots.

Frank going for a badass look. Single light through an umbrella to the left at about 45 degrees.

Great thing is that I was able to test out my brand new 85mm, the first piece of equipment in around 5 years!  Love the out of focus you can throw with the lens.

Frank with the yellow background at Bridges. Natural light in the shade, around 7pm.

Relaunch of KellanHiggins.com

Welcome to my relaunch of my blog. After many years on blogger, I've decided to step up to the next level with this blog. More to come on my adventures as a photographer in Vancouver!